What is the difference between a condenser conference microphone and a KTV microphone


The difference between condenser conference microphones and KTV microphones is that condenser conference microphones are V-wave, while KTV microphones are U-segment.

Because of the narrow low frequency range of V-band (180MHZ--280MHZ), more than 6 will interfere with each other, and the U-band range is wider (500MHZ--900MH), so more than 60 will interfere with each other. In addition to the small load data, the V-band sound is worse than the U-band.

Because the U-segment is high-frequency transmission and reception, the requirements for electronic components are higher than that of the V-segment. The technical content is also much higher. In terms of application, the U-segment is not the same as most of the frequency waves in daily life. Therefore, the chance of being interfered is greatly reduced. The segment of the U segment is wide. More frequency points can be misclassified to realize the use of multiple frequency points on the same occasion without interference.