Dongguan Tongsheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise integrating the R&D, production and sales of professional electro-acoustic equipment. It has unique professional design and exquisite production technology, constantly innovating, mature technology, stable product performance, unique and beautiful Excellent appearance, extremely high cost performance, and high-quality after-sales service are the company's foothold.

With years of practical experience in professional electro-acoustic equipment, we have developed and produced high-end technology and durable series of products: K song/live microphone series, USB microphone series, interview/recording microphone series, wireless/conference microphone series, etc. It is used in online karaoke, computer games, large performing arts venues, KTV, conference halls and other places, and has been recognized by users from all walks of life with professional technology.

The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ROHS, CE and other certifications, and has a number of patents for utility models and designs. Goods, with first-class quality, high-quality service for the majority of users.