How to buy a good recording microphone for beginners?


Considering the three aspects, budget, type, and sound characteristics, you can choose the recording equipment that is suitable for you.

Everyone's budget is different. One hundred yuan, one thousand yuan, two thousand yuan, and three thousand yuan. The equipment that can be purchased at different prices is naturally different. Take a look at how much money you are willing to spend to purchase this kind of equipment. As a purchase of entry-level recording equipment, generally around 1,000 yuan is what everyone is willing to do.

The recording equipment is also classified, depending on what recording you are using. Now, let's look at the four types of radio microphones.

Custom microphone. You can customize the exclusive microphone according to the sound characteristics. Different microphones have different characteristics. For example, some are crisp, some are thick, and some are round. You can customize a microphone that is more suitable for your voice according to the characteristics of the sound. Of course this is for the rich guys. We won't consider this when we start.



Generally, the wireless microphones used for singing use directional capsules, so using the microphones on the sides or behind the speakers will not produce feedback whistling. If you need to stand in front of the speaker, pay attention to the direction of the microphone and the speaker should be controlled at a certain angle, so as not to produce feedback sound.

Holding the wireless microphone at an angle of more than 90 degrees in the vertical or horizontal direction and the speaker can reduce the occurrence of feedback sound. The front of the cardioid directional microphone is kept at 180 degrees to the speaker or the front of the super-directional microphone is kept with the speaker. The feedback sound between 120 and 140 degrees is small. If you don't know the directivity of your microphone and use it in front of the speaker, it will easily cause a loud feedback. Because it is a taboo angle for the microphone and the speaker to face each other, at such an angle, any expensive microphone will easily produce a screaming feedback sound.